Pride and Joy

This doesn’t seem real. I feel like I’m living in a dream state. After years of pining and drooling over pictures in catalogs, could I possibly be the proud new owner of a Kitchen-Aid stand mixer? In Empire Red, nonetheless. Pinch myself though I might, this is no dream. More like a dream come TRUE! How did I acquire such a magnificent piece of equipment? Well, as with most great things, it starts with a great woman: my mom.

I think she might be coping with my current employment status buy giving me kitchen gadgets — not that there’s anything wrong with that. After reading my pie dough post, my mom decided that I was in desperate need of a proper food processor with a decent capacity and the invaluable feed tube. I had a voicemail from her indicating that such a treat was on its way. When we spoke a few days later, she casually drops in, “Oh, your mixer should be arriving this week.” To which I responded, “You mean food processor, right?” She came back at me with this shocking sentence, “No, the Kitchen-Aid stand mixer in Empire Red.” My jaw hit the floor, or pavement to be more exact, since was taking a walk around my BK ‘hood at the time. After peeling myself up off the sidewalk I clarified that she was not joking. My mom, ever the bargain hunter, had been bidding on mixers on eBay ever since I first started lusting after the Cadillac of kitchen tools. What a lady! Now, my mom speaks eBay and can find deals where no one ever imagined. She is thrifty beyond comprehension and is every customer service rep’s worst nightmare. But she’s my culinary benefactor, for which I am eternally grateful. She was also careful to mention that I was receiving my Kitchen-Aid mixer twenty years before she got hers. Right mom, this I will not forget.

While my little Sunbeam mixer has been a great friend and it will always have a place in my heart, I had to make room for my shiny new toy. I slowly removed each attachment from the box, lovingly cradling the whisk, paddle, and dough hook like a mama bear protecting her young. I can’t believe they’re mine. I’m afraid to even use it. I feel like Kevin McCallister with his rollerblades in Home Alone 2 — I just want to give them a spin around the attic and not risk any damage. But where Kev grew out of his blades before he could get any use out of them, I know I’ll be whipping up treats in no time. I’m sure I will overcome this fear once I hear the soft purr of the motor and begin to add the first of many ingredients to that sturdy silver bowl. Good Things to Eat just. got. interesting…


About gttebykate

I am an amateur cook and baker who likes to feed her friends and whip up a frenzy in the kitchen. While I adore butter, sugar, and every kind of baked good, I also like to experiment with healthier options and substitutions...sometimes.
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One Response to Pride and Joy

  1. Jo Shenk says:

    Love the red color! Have you seen Meghan’s old Kitchen-Aid? It was my mother’s and I rescued it from certain trash death after she was sadly moved her out of her home. I know that my mother who crafted perfect chocolate chip cookies, nut cups and other goodies for years with that mixer is looking down with love on Meghan as she does the same. I love your blog and you! xoxox

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