My Kind of Sandwich

Oh hey scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies, how you doin’? Did you meet my friend chocolate ganache? I see that you have already become acquainted.

It’s Fourth of July weekend and that means some of the most delicious food of the year will abound. I’d say that the treats and goodies available around our nation’s birthday rival those found at Thanksgiving. Yeah, I said it. It’s a ballsy statement, I realize that, but there’s nothing quite like corn on the cob, juicy burgers, plump hot dogs, zingy pasta and potato salads, and of course cold, sweet, creamy ice cream. Not even pumpkin pie or stuffing…maybe mashed potatoes though.


Okay, I admit it, these were featured in the July issue of Martha Stewart living. I can’t help it, that lady gets me. I veered away from their chocolate chip cookie recipe and whipped up a batch of my new go-to cookies with that extra touch of sea salt for crunch and flavor. There’s an element of simplicity in this dessert that’s welcome during these steamy summer months. They will definitely be an unexpected hit.

Chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream are a match made in heaven, but that added dollop of smooth, rich chocolate ganache really ties it all together. This is a messy, two-handed dessert — you might even do well with a bowl and a spoon as backup. They are best enjoyed sitting outside under the stars with good people and a warm breeze.

About gttebykate

I am an amateur cook and baker who likes to feed her friends and whip up a frenzy in the kitchen. While I adore butter, sugar, and every kind of baked good, I also like to experiment with healthier options and substitutions...sometimes.
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2 Responses to My Kind of Sandwich

  1. You know you have to make these again when I come to NYC, right?! Amazing!!

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