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Monon Bell Cookies

I am not a huge sports fan, but I love sports-themed parties. Maybe just parties in general. I went to college at a small liberal arts school in Indiana known for its academic prowess, Midwestern charm, and great pride in … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Overhaul

Oh Thanksgiving, you cruel harvest mistress. You tempt us with your abundant spreads, heavenly aromas, and once-a-year decadence. Is there another holiday that revolves so greatly around food? If there is I can’t think of it. Probably due to the … Continue reading

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Great Expectations for Baked Explorations

We’ve heard it before. The end-all, be-all dream come true scenario for office drones across the country. You quit your day job to explore your passion and pursue the things that really make life worth living. For some it’s art, … Continue reading

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Harvest Pasta

I have developed a recent obsession with parsnips. Random, I know. What is a parsnip anyway? I believe it’s some sort of root that is primarily ignored. No one’s favorite food is the parsnip. Somehow I ended up with a … Continue reading

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Warm, melted mozzarella cheese. Tangy, fresh tomato sauce. Crisp, buttery cracker. You’re on board, right? At least tell me the cleverly invented name makes sense…it’s like a s’more and a slice of pizza made sweet, sweet love by a campfire. … Continue reading

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Salted Pumpkin Caramels

I bet you can’t spot the pumpkin in this one. That’s because it’s disguised by caramel! Even pumpkin needs a costume, and what’s Halloween without candy? This is my final pumpkin trick and it was a doozy. As I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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